Shin Dig Outside Vendor Resources

Shin Dig Recommends the following Caterers as options for your event: 

Pick-Up/Drop Off Platters
Bi-Rite Catering  (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
Green Leaf Platters  ((Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
La Boulangerie de San Francisco  (Breakfast, Lunch)
La Mediterranee (Lunch, Dinner)
Martha Brothers (next door to Shin Dig, (Breakfast and Lunch)
Nopalito (Lunch and Dinner)
Whole Foods (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
4505 Meats [BBQ] (Lunch, Dinner)
City Smokehouse SF [BBQ] (Lunch, Dinner)
Lale (Brunch, Lunch)
Full Service Catering - All Meals Offered
BiRite Catering
Betty Zlatchin Catering
Componere Fine Catering
Estate Events by Meadowood
Grace Street Catering
Knights Catering
Ladies Who Lunch Catering
Lavash Restaurant
Little Star Catering
415 Catering
49 Square Catering
Food Trucks
The Chairman
Sterling Graphics
Valet Parking
California Parking